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Die Schwedin is a large network. Our team of permanent employees is supplemented by a pool of independent experts.

We have been working with some of our partners on an almost daily basis for over ten years. This set-up means we can put teams together for almost any communication challenge at short notice. We regularly mobilize interdisciplinary project teams of digital communication professionals,

community managers with different native languages, translators, design & visual art experts or project managers and monitoring specialists. You have particular requirements and specific industry knowledge? No problem! We are certain we know the expert for you.

Founder & Consultant in Strategic Communication

Barbara Schwede

- over 20 years of communications experience
- Focus: Dialogue & Crisis Management
- Management

Barbara has a degree in German literature and is a passionate communicator. Her favorite topic: successful dialogue. Whether as a moderation and crisis communication consultant, lecturer or systemic consultant and Wingwave coach - Barbara is multi-faceted and brings many years of experience from advertising, leadership, coaching and life as a mother of three children.

Digital Marketing Manageri

Indra-Sara Wüthrich

- Website Specialist
- Social Content Creator
- Community Management German & French

Indra has a savvy flair for content: completely at home in online communication, she is always right on trend! Bubbly, open and bilingual, "nos clients francophones" love her. Her two daughters, jogging and boxing keep her fit and on the go.

Communication Specialist

Nina Hübner

- Political Communication 
- Concept and strategy specialist
- Hobbyhorse: Conveying difficult ideas simply

Nina is a word fan – no matter the form they take. She's a bundle of energy who skillfully finds the right approach for every target group. Her credo: First listen, then write. Nina has a degree in German literature, is an experienced online writer and does not shy away from even the most complicated CMS. When she's not juggling words, she loves to be outdoors with her family, swimming or creating in the kitchen.

Project Manager and Digital Marketing Manager

Daniela Michaelis

- Project Management
- Brand Management
- Strategy

Daniela is a transplant from northern Germany to Switzerland. Always cool, calm, and collected, she takes care of our biggest projects with a smile. She is an accomplished project manager with a wealth of experience in brand management and has a way with words. She loves spending time with her family, doing yoga and being outdoors no matter the weather.

Digital Marketing Manager and Ad Specialist

Joanna Bravo

- Social Content Creator
- Social Advertising
- Community Management

Originally from Valais, Joanna is our go-to contact for our French-speaking clients. She has been well-acquainted with agency life for many years and manages ads and campaigns with a flick of the wrist! Joanna is always in a good mood and loves travelling the world with her backpack, recharging her batteries in the fresh air and dashing down Valais’s snowy slopes in the winter.

Accountant and Reporting Specialist

Delia Schwab

- Accounting & HR
- Back office
- Reporting

Delia handles numbers and analytics with such skill that she makes her colleagues dizzy. Every month, she takes care of our client reports and invoices. In her spare time, this mother of two gets her students moving as a Zumba instructor, enjoys exploring the underwater world while diving, and is a big fan of Hawaii.

Senior Strategy & Content Developer

Maura Hannon

- Strategy creation and Content Innovation
- CEO Brand Social Media Positioning
- Community Management English

Do you need a coherent strategy? Crisp, creative and strategic content? You'll be looking for Maura then! Maura brings to the team communication experience in five continents and a wealth of industries from art to education, finance to mining. She dives deep into the detail, thinks in the big picture and always delivers with her famous big smile.

Multimedia Producer and Business Management Superman

George Eberle

- Photography & Video
- IT Specialist
- Community Manager German

George has a deft sense for skillful phrasing, a practiced eye for emotional images and a critical mind for complex IT issues - George likes challenges and brings calm to tense situations with humor and empathy. As a photographer and videographer, blogger and community manager, he provides us and our customers with advice and support.

Multicultural Copywriter & Concept Designer

Julia Deufel

- Content creation
- Community Management in English, German & Italian
- Blogging

Julia loves communication as much as she loves sustainability, art, fitness and multi-culture. She has lived in Germany, the UK, Brazil, China, Singapore, Italy and the US and moved to Switzerland in 2020. With a law degree and a Masters in digital marketing, she is a skilled copywriter and navigates digital media with enthusiasm. A perfect addition to Team Schwedin!

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Our partners

Fabian Bürgy
Design, Visual Art & Marketing Communication
VOS | grafikdesign
Simone Vogel
Graphics & 3D
Rambling Visuals
Mirjam Loosli
Design & Visual Art
Klink GmbH
Websites & webbasierte Applikationen
Lise Gras
French Translator
Diplômée FTI Genève
Manuela Bonetti
Print and Web Design
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