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So simple: with Die Schwedin. you get everything you need for your online communication.

What do you need to be digitally successful? Get tailored support from us. You can engage us for a complete digital solution or something specific. Maybe you just need a digital strategy.

Or implementation support. Or reporting on all relevant KPIs. Or the development of an active community. Or content in five languages. Or training. Or a sparring partner. Tell us what suits your needs best.

Social Media

Social media with resounding success.

Have you clearly defined the role of social media for a successful marketing mix? We make sure that LinkedIn and co. noticeably support your business goals and that strong content reaches the right target group.


A social media strategy is the best way you can support the achievement of your company's KPIs. Increase sales figures, create brand awareness, generate website traffic, strengthen employer branding, activate your community or get influencer relations rolling: What is your strategic goal?

Content Creation

We activate your social media communities with multilingual content - as text, images, graphics, video, interviews or podcasts. We know which format suits your brand, your budget and your target group. And we take care of editing, implementation and support.

Go to Case: "Multilingual content for educational research"

Social Advertising

The jungle of social media paid advertising terms can be just as confusing as the possibilities and differences between the various platforms. The key to success is in the combination of cutting-edge technical know-how and a great deal of experience in the conception of ads tailored to the target group.

View case study "Successful Selling on Facebook"

Shitstorm Management

An online crisis can strike anyone. Good preparation and a strong community will help you proactively get through a crisis with minimized impact. And you can even emerge stronger!

Course Shitstorm Management

Account Management

We can set up your Facebook Business Manager correctly (it can be a bit of closed book!) or set up your Ads Manager cleanly. Do you want to optimize the tracking of your social ads by installing pixels or make better use of insights from Google Analytics? We'll be happy to support you with that, too.


How do you measure your success? Thanks to a dashboard of relevant KPIs across all platforms, we can interpret your data. You receive campaign-specific reports with in-depth, meaningful monthly reports and directly applicable learnings to ensure a constant innovation process.

Influencer Relations

Growth, virality, credibility: work with the real influencers in your industry. We support you during the selection process and ensure constant follow-up so you achieve lasting reach in exciting target groups.

View case study "Female influencers for COVERGIRL"

Community Management

We walk with you.

We build your community, engage in lively conversations, and keep tabs on your fans and followers even on weekends and public holidays. Multilingual community management is one of our favorite activities.

Multilingual Community Management

Multilingualism daily business for us as our agency is based in Biel/Bienne. We are delighted to serve your community in German, French, English, Spanish and Italian. How? Our team consists of eloquent native speakers complete with customer service experience.

Weekend Monitoring

Community Management 24/7 isn't possible is it? It is with us! We can also take care of your community on weekends to ensure everything on your social media channels stays on track. Because your team also deserve some time off!

Dialogue-oriented & de-escalating

Even if digital sparks sometimes fly on your social media channels, we're here to help: we clarify problem situations and create understanding with tact, diplomacy and a lot of communication experience. Quite frankly, relish such challenges!

Content Marketing

Skillfully multilingual with high visibility.

Have you met the content monster? It constantly needs new fodder for all digital channels. Don't worry, help is at hand!

Multilingual Content

If you want to stand out in the sea of social media, you need outstanding content - time and time again. Our native speakers can design and write for your digital channels in German, French, English, Italian and Spanish. Our photographer George will skilfully set the scene for your team and products, and we will prepare the material for all digital formats.

Content Formats

Has Instagram changed their specifications? How big was that slider on the website again? And how many videos should you use? We can take all of that off your hands. Content for websites, landing pages, newsletters, blogs, podcasts, whitepapers, interviews in text or video form, Google Adwords and all social media platforms: We have the right Schwedin for that!

Content Distribution

Do you want new customers? Or a new image? Do you need more traffic on your website? Or do you want to be perceived as a specialist by certain target groups? We help you with the targeted content distribution - so that the right people see your information and interact with it.


Professional input and a clear outside perspective.

Strategy consulting

Pause, take a breath, reflect. Set the right course so that you can clearly focus on your goals. Using analysis and concrete instructions, we can show you and your team new approaches and promising perspectives.

Tailor-made training

What does your team need to take the next step? Get the know-how that will really take you forward. We tailor our courses and workshops to your exact needs and prior knowledge, delivering cutting-edge industry know-how.

Tailor-made training

Sparring partner

An external perspective can work wonders! Acquire decision-making confidence thanks to one or more competent sparring partners. We support you finding the best solution and accompany you throughout the implementation process. We are also happy to provide a second opinion on concepts, offers and agencies.

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