Modern communication in healthcare.


VSAO Bern represents the professional interests of employed doctors in the canton of Berne. Among its top priorities are to offer members modern working conditions as well as structured, high-quality continuing education and training. Die Schwedin. developed and established the social media strategy for VSAO Berne. A fruitful collaboration resulted in a number of successful campaigns, which offer a glimpse into the day-to-day lives of doctors and draw attention to the association's concerns.

VSAO Berne approached us in 2020 with the twin goals of providing professional and regular information about current events, and recruiting new members via social media. Die Schwedin. took over the planning and implementation of the association's communication for social media and developed effective information campaigns in close collaboration. We designed and created campaign landing pages, conducted surveys and managed their Linkedin and Facebook accounts. We also managed the Instagram account, which has been active since January 2022, and has become an important communication channel.

The association is now managing its channels independently after a three-year development phase during which we worked together to build up the necessary expertise. We continue to advise and support the VSAO Bern as a sparring partner.


The #Ärztealltag interview series was triggered by the COVID pandemic. We wanted to give both doctors and the public a look behind the scenes to show then the changes that had become necessary as a result of COVID measures. We interview doctors from a variety of medical specialties - from virology and gynecology, to hospital ethics and plastic surgery. We were also particularly interested in how resident and senior physician training continued during the pandemic. The result was a fascinating look into the daily life of a hospital.

Career start

"What do I wish I had known when I started my medical career?" The goal of this campaign was guide and help orientate medical students and young professionals in their career planning. The result is a collection of legal questions, and interviews with doctors who have had distinctly different career trajectories.


Given their strict hierarchical structure, sexism can go undetected in hospitals. In the #SexismusInWeiss campaign, we shone light on the issue from different angles so that sexism can be more easily recognized, named and dealt with. Informative and legal texts are supplemented by interviews with experts and concrete assistance.

Campaign about duty scheduling

A good duty roster is essential for healthcare employees. Creating a good roster under pressure to save money, with a shortage of skilled workers, hospital closures and generational change is a challenge. In an interview series, we asked various duty planners what a good duty roster looks like, to what extent part-time work is possible and whether the currently discussed model of a 42 plus 4-hour week1 has a chance.

Die Schwedin. supports VSAO Bern with the following services: 

Graphic design – Ideas, Editing, Graphic design, Videos, Animations
Social media channels – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram 
Ad campaigns and Boostings in social networks
Community Management – during the week and over the weekend. 

Have a look at our duty scheduling campaign on Instagram.

Member recruitment campaign for Facebook and LinkedIn

1  The 42 plus 4-hour week means: Assistant doctors work on average 42 hours for tasks related to patient care per week. In addition, junior doctors are entitled to at least four hours of further training per week which also counts as working time.

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