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Tailor-made training

Whether you are a social media beginner or a professional - we'll put together customized training courses for your team. We define with you in advance exactly what knowledge and motivation your employees need. Would you like a lecture in front of 150 people or would you prefer a hands-on workshop in a small group? The content is individually adapted to the current level of participant knowledge.

  • Social media strategy development

    Social media strategy development

    Where do you want to go on your social media journey? Do you want to improve your company's reputation? Sell more? Fill jobs faster? Get asked for interviews more often?

    We'll create together a step-by-step plan how to achieve your goals thanks to social media. We advise you which are the right platforms to choose, how to draw up a realistic resource plan, design efficient measures and answer any questions you have. At the end of the course you have a clear north star.

  • Community management in practice

    Community management in practice

    You will learn why users connect with a company and what content is of interest. Learn how to prepare content in a media- and user-friendly way and how to plan it correctly.

    We discuss with you how to create successful dialogs and the right way to deal with critical users. Finally, you will learn the craft of community management through concrete examples, and be able to demonstrate the benefits of this work for your company.

    Schulung buchen

  • Editorial Planning

    Editorial Planning

    Systematic editorial planning is one of the most important tools for social media and community managers.

    In this course you will learn how to create stimulating and varied content, how to successfully use existing content from the company for different platforms, and how to plan and publish efficiently using the right tools.

  • Shitstorm Management

    Shitstorm Management

    Crisis prevention starts with the correct reaction to the first critical post - that's what you will learn in this course.

    Learn how to respond to different user comments on social media with tact and how to deal with dissatisfied customers, aggressive trolls or systematic attacks by organized users. We will also take a look at what crisis preparation means and how you can efficiently allocate your resources in a crisis.

  • Conduct active dialog

    Conduct active dialog with tact and sensitivity

    Whether social platforms remain communicative one-way streets has nothing to do with chance, but with the right content, the right form, and successful interaction with fans and followers. Barbara Schwede specializes in social media content with a strong dialog and shares her secrets about lively dialog with you in this course.

  • Successful content for different social media platforms

    Successful content for different social media platforms

    Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram - each network has its own rules and framework.

    In this course, you will learn how to define the right platforms for your company and successfully pick up your target groups there. We will also address in detail the question of which goals you can achieve with social media and how you can measurably advance your business. Social media should solve pain points in your company, save resources, increase sales figures or contribute to strategic goals.

  • Influencer Relations

    Influencer Relations

    You can have amazing results when stars and starlets talk about your company on their accounts.

    How do you find the right influencers for your brand? How do you communicate meaningfully with them, provide the right background information, and organize successful influencer events? In this course, you will learn a lot of helpful information about dealing with this exciting and demanding target group.

  • Writing for social media

    Writing for social media

    "Crisp and to the point" is the guiding principle of this course.

    You will learn how to reduce your texts to the core message and actively offer users a dialog - whether on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter or on blogs, newsletters and ads. Topics include dos and don'ts for texts on the social web, the basic rules for fluent, comprehensible formulation and how to captivate your readers - from the first to the last line. Together, we will shorten, refine and experiment with texts that are appropriate for the target group.

  • Hands-on workshops on all common platforms incl. blogs

    Hands-on workshops on all common platforms incl. blogs

    You want to know exactly how to do it? In these courses, you'll learn how to use a social media platform properly.

    How exactly do you publish posts? What is the right tone of voice? How do you handle different languages? How do videos work? What are the other basic features you should know about? How do you place advertisements? We look at these and many other aspects in the course.

  • Business Networking / Me as a brand

    Business Networking / Me as a brand

    Together we look at the business platforms LinkedIn and Twitter. The course participants open profiles and practice the functions. We discuss what makes good profiles and how they can present themselves competently, up to date and innovatively. We also take an in-depth look at the topic of dialogue-strong content - whether for one's own business profile or the company's presence - and how to interact meaningfully with other users. We will also discuss sensible next steps.

  • Social media in research and teaching

    Social media in research and teaching

    Social media can play a powerful role in public relations and research for universities and insitutions.

    Which tools should be used for which purpose? How do you these tools efficiently? How do you write relevant posts that describe your work in a meaningful and subtle way? Who is your target group? And how do you write so they hear your message? Do you always have to be "on"? All these points are covered in this course.

  • Visual Networks

    Visual Networks

    How do you develop a visual identity as a company?

    What content is suitable for platforms like Instagram, TikTok or Snapchat? When is Pinterest nice-to-have and when is it an absolute must? How do you build fans on these platforms? You will learn everything about image and moving image content in this course.

  • Boost your LinkedIn Profile

    Boost your LinkedIn Profile

    Is your LinkedIn Profile a bit dull? What is best practise for each LinkedIn profile section? Develop a professional profile in this workshop that accurately reflects the professional you are.

  • Write in English, in real English

    Write in English, in real English

    Is your English grammatically correct, but still doesn't sound quite right? Learn to write text for social media, websites and blogs, reports and papers in English that hits the mark.

  • Create your digital research space

    Create your digital research space

    Research has a long tradition of being shared and developed through papers, meetings, conferences and conversations. Sharing research online is rapidly becoming part of the same process and is no different once you know how it is done. Whether in an academic or a non-academic research career, when you share on the various platforms you integrate into your daily workflows, you create new possibilities for research, collaborative partnerships and career opportunities.

  • Content strategies for multiple audiences

    Content strategies for multiple audiences

    Sometimes a brand or organisation needs to speak with multiple audiences through the same channel. Do you know who each audience is and what their needs are? How you best develop content to address the needs of each audience? Learn how with us.

  • Positioning for success

    Positioning for success

    Do you or your company work in complex professional landscape? Is your role within that landscape clear to the outside world? Strategic positioning is key to developing a communication strategy that reaches your audience and transmits your message.

  • Smart Productivity

    Smart Productivity

    Want to get more things done in your day? Needing some support to get a better work/life balance? Get 76 tips in this short workshop to accelerate your day.

  • Working and teaching online

    Working and teaching online

    Are you working or teaching more often online? Which tools and practices work best? Improve your online teaching and training using our best practises.

Courses at Universities

Current Courses

Barbara Schwede lectures at many Swiss universities on social media, community management and social content creation. Which subject area would you like to delve into? The course language is always German.

Social Media Community Manager

Barbara Schwede leads this comprehensive 17-module course. Barbara, and the twelve other social media professionals, provide in-depth, tried-and-tested insights into the day-to-day and strategic handling of social media. Graduates apply their newly acquired knowledge in a case study and receive a certificate as Social Media Community Manager. The modules: Community Management, Social Media Strategy, Social Content, Content Production & Management Tools, Editorial Planning, Hands-on Twitter, Hands-on Visual Networks I, Corporate Blogging, Hands-on Video, Hands-on Business Networking, Hands-on Monitoring & SEO, Hands-on Social Media & Law, Hands-on Facebook and Instagram, Facebook Marketing, Paid Social Media, Crisis and Issue Management.

More info about the course at Digicomp in Zurich or Berne

Social Media Company Starter Kit

What opportunities does social media offer my company? Which content works best on which channels? How do you plan and implement a social media strategy? After this module, you will be able to improve your company's social media activities in a targeted manner.

More info about the course at Digicomp in Zurich or Bern

Community Management

How do followers become customers? How do you deal with user comments skillfully, create a positive atmosphere on social media accounts, and which are the most important community manager tools? Learning how to dialogue with tact is the top priority in this module.

More information about the course at MAZ The Swiss School of Journalism

Short Course in Social Content Creation

What do followers expect from companies? How does crisis communication work on social media? How do you integrate influencers into corporate communication? What strategic approaches are possible on social media and how do I set the right goals?

More information about the course at MAZ Swiss School of Journalism

Twitter for Companies

How does Twitter work? How can Twitter be used for corporate communications effectively? And how do you attract the attention of users within a plethora of other content?

More information about the course at Digicomp in Zurich or Berne

CAS Online Marketing & Social Media

How do you use online marketing and social media in a goal-oriented way? Cover the range of tools you need with from strategy to storytelling.

More info about the CAS Online Marketing & Social Media at the University of Berne

CAS Brand Management and Communication

What are the basics of strategic brand management? In the CAS, students learn contemporary brand communication that takes into account target groups and their needs.

More information about the course at the University of Berne

CAS Business Creation & Marketing Strategy

How does an idea become a business model? Participants work on how to implement their project including thinking about price and sales channels, competitor analysis and positioning, communication instruments and marketing strategy.

More information about the course at the HWZ in Zurich

CAS Social Media & Content Marketing

Do you want to tap into new customer groups? Find out what the public says about you and your activities on the web? How can your brand compete in the battle for attention? This CAS teaches you the basics of the social media world and its interrelationships.

More information about the course at the HWZ in Zurich

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